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5 Times When It’s Difficult to Lead

It's difficult to lead because leadership is the tension between the comfort of where we are and the potential of where we could be.

2 Mistakes Christians Make During LGBTQ+ Pride Month

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and every year seems to turn into more of a spectacle than the last. Here are some thoughts on navigating it with grace and truth.

8 Marks of Evangelistic Churches

Most churches in North America are not evangelistic. My role as Professor of Evangelism and Missions, though, allows me to learn about churches that are breaking this trend.

Going to Church Can Be Such a Hassle: 7 Reasons to Fight for It

A body has many members. When one member is absent, there’s something incomplete about the body. So make it a point, a deliberate point: going to church with your congregation.

Stop Worrying About Offending Senior Members of Your Church

Trust me – the senior members in your congregation or donor database were cool before you were born, so give them a break. Trust them.

Can We Truly Be Obedient?

If we were “miserable sinners” before turning to Jesus, why does Jesus expect his followers to become obedient to his will?

How I Engage With the Bible

Growing up being homeschooled, my Dad taught my math lesson every morning before he left for work. And every morning as I walked into...

Why Church Staff Alignment Is Essential

Every ministry in your church will naturally drift toward misalignment. In other words, your staff and ministries will eventually pursue their own purposes—not the mission of the church. Let's talk staff alignment.

5 Reasons Men Don’t Pray at Home

Your first step in turning your home into a house of prayer is spontaneous prayers

10 Questions More Important Than ‘What Was Your Sunday Attendance?’

On any given Sunday, even the smallest, simplest church service juggles an amazing array of complex issues. From set-up to attendance to events. Set-up...

A New Convert’s Guide to Christianese

If you’re going to communicate with other Christians, you need to memorize our code words and their definitions. What exactly are these code words? I’m glad you asked. What follows is a guide to understanding Christianese. Think of this as the Rosetta of the Christian world.

Live As If Jesus Rules and Eternity Is Real

When Paul told the Colossian church to set their minds on things above and not on the things of this present world, he was basically saying this: Live as if Jesus rules and eternity is real. Here's what that looks like.

Who’s Leaving the Church? Working Women – Here’s How to Win Them Back

Thousands of working women are leaving their churches because they feel their church “just doesn’t get me.” And, as working women leave their churches, they’re taking their husbands, children, desire to serve and even their pocketbooks with them.

8 Ways to Reach Single Adults Through Your Church

Pam and I were older when we married, so we both spent many years as a single adult. Consequently, we’re sensitive to reaching single adults through our churches. Perhaps one of these suggestions will help you as you reach this group in your community.

The Best (and Least Expensive) Way to Grow Your Church

One of the most powerful tools to grow your church doesn't cost you a thing: word of mouth. So, what are people saying about your church?

New American Values

American values are shifting, and it's hard to argue that it has been for the better.

The Measure of Our Success

I’ve personally wrestled with this; and I’ve watched thousands do the same; and it’s literally killing many of us! Thus, this “impassioned plea to pastors” is for all of us to radically alter the measures of our success.

To the Women Who Wish Their Husbands Were Spiritual Leaders

To the Women Who Wish Their Husbands Were Spiritual Leaders - You look at him and see apathy. Laziness. It makes you sad, but mostly it makes you angry. You can see so clearly what he needs to be doing. Why won’t he just do it?

Applying the Beatitudes

The Beatitudes, according to Matthew, mark the beginning of Jesus' public teaching ministry. They are the first things that Jesus emphasized as he proclaimed the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Evangelism: It’s Harvest Time!

If you don’t collect the harvest in time, it could rot and die! There is more urgency to farm life than I’d ever imagined.

Jessie Cruickshank: What the Western World Is Missing About Discipleship

Jessie Cruickshank joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share how brain science supports what the Bible reveals about how people are truly transformed—and what is lacking in the approach many church leaders take toward discipleship.

Outreach Leaders