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Use Ash Wednesday To Help You Prepare for Easter

Ash Wednesday is about preparation and the beginning of preparation at that. All of the Lenten season is focused upon preparation for Easter. No matter how we mark the day, whether with ashes on our forehead or with reflection on the meaning of Easter, Jesus invites us to journey on to Easter Sunday with Him.  

Pastor, Use This Checklist for Better Preaching

I am not the best preacher on the planet, but I am passionate about better preaching. Here are a few things that I have learned along the way and things that I am currently trying to implement.

How in the World Do You Change the Established Culture?

You've heard it said that "culture eats strategy for lunch?" That's especially true in churches.

3 Urgent Times to Confront Sin in Your Church

Not surprisingly, fewer and fewer church leaders are willing to go to confront sin with people who are living in open sin and confront them. Why? Do we lack the courage? Are we ignoring the biblical mandate as leaders to protect the innocent from the harmful?

25 Martin Luther King Quotes

There are so many tremendous Dr. Martin Luther King quotes. These are just 25 retweetable quotes that have stood out to me over the years.

How My Work as a Pastor Nearly Killed Me!

Consider Jesus, who endured from sinners such hostility against himself, so that you may not grow weary or fainthearted.

EGR – Extra Grace Required?

The pastor asked his staff to be patient with such people, and referred to these unfortunates as EGR: Extra Grace Required. The difficult people in the church needed extra grace.

You Can Do Better: 6 Leadership Lessons We All Need

Leading well is hard. There are often common threads - leadership lessons - among a majority of leaders with whom I interact.

18 Ways to Ruin Your Reputation on Facebook

Facebook is a great way for you to build and maintain relationships with people both inside your church and in your community. Every time you post something, you risk ruining your reputation on Facebook.

What is Your Supreme Value – Would You Let Donald Trump on Your Church Leadership Team?

The main issue for those leading the church is simple: What is our supreme value? Simply leading? Or the God we are following?

50% of Pastors Don’t Believe They Have Strong Preaching

You may never be as good as your strong preaching idol, but that’s not your calling or goal. Your goal is to be the best version of yourself.

How To Receive Criticism and Respond With Grace

Randy Alcorn: "I love this advice from Scott Sauls about how to receive criticism and respond with grace. There’s a lot of wisdom here."

How to Maximize Team Commitment

There are many things that will try to interfere with team commitment: frustration, boredom, weariness, doubt, opportunities, distractions, and the like.

Are You Waiting for Others to Solve Your Leadership Problem?

As a leader, you have experienced your fair share of subtle, secondary leadership problem pandemics. Which is the worst?

4 Reasons NOT to Give Altar Calls

When altar calls are properly handled, lost people are asked to trust Christ as the only way to heaven. The issue is responding to Christ, not to you.

Give Thanks – It’s the Will of God

Guilt is a terrible motivation to give thanks, but we find ourselves using it often. Rather than hearing thankfulness as a command, perhaps we can hear it as an invitation.

Every Good Leader Has a Leadership Vocabulary – Do You?

The best leaders I know are always learning.Part of my growth as a leader has been developing of a leadership vocabulary.

3 Reasons I Preach With a Table

I wanted to invite others to join me for a proverbial warm beverage and heartfelt conversation. With those things in mind, I decided that I would preach with a table and chair ongoing.

8 Principles in Seeking Spiritual Accountability

If you want accountability, you’ve got to take that responsibility on yourself.

10 Insights on How to Recover From Burnout

Twelve years after my burnout, I have never felt better, never felt more alive, and never been more productive in my life. There is recovery from burnout!

Jessie Cruickshank: What the Western World Is Missing About Discipleship

Jessie Cruickshank joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share how brain science supports what the Bible reveals about how people are truly transformed—and what is lacking in the approach many church leaders take toward discipleship.

Pastor How To's