Why Do You Want To Be a Pastor?

Asking yourself why you want to be a pastor will help reveal if you are in a positive state of thriving and flourishing as a vocational ministry leader.

3 Reasons You Don’t Get This Grace Thing

There are a few reasons why we struggle to give grace. Grace seems like it should be easy. It’s grace, after all, right? But in reality, grace is really hard.

Scot McKnight: Overcoming a Toxic Church Culture

Scot McKnight and Jason Daye explore how we, as ministry leaders, can assess our churches and look for areas of toxicity. Scot also shares how we can overcome those toxic areas and nurture a culture of goodness.

Your Kids’ Perspective on Family Health

How is your family health? Regardless of your position within your organization, your family is your primary ministry. With that being the case, it’s essential to create opportunities to evaluate the relational health of your family.

Jimmy Dodd: Is There an Emerging Pastor Crisis in America?

Jimmy Dodd and Jason Daye assess the current realities of pastoring here in the United States. Then, they look at some incredible places of hope, where pastors can find support and encouragement as they serve in ministry.

Caring For Your Body

If we do not maintain good physical health habits, we compromise the quality of our ministry spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. Sound physical care is concerned with stewardship of the body, including the areas of work, sleep, recreation, nutrition and exercise.

Mindy Caliguire: Growing Through Disappointments in Life and Ministry

Mindy Caliguire and Jason Daye look at some of the unhealthy tendencies we have as ministry leaders when it comes to dealing with disappointments and discouragement. Mindy then shares ways to process disappointment that honor God and help us grow in our own spiritual journeys.

Rich Villodas: Resisting Reactivity in a Divisive World

Rich Villodas and Jason Daye explore nurturing a culture in our churches that provides an alternative to the mean-spiritedness and divisiveness that we see in the world all around us.

Dan Reiland: Soul Care Practices for Ministry Leaders

Dan Reiland and Jason Daye explore four prominent areas of soul care for pastors and ministry leaders. Then, Dan shares experiences from his own life that illustrate how we can incorporate soul care into our lives.

Richard Foster and Brenda Quinn: Nurturing Humility in Our Lives

Richard Foster, Brenda Quinn and Jason Daye explore how pastors and ministry leaders have some unique challenges when it comes to nurturing humility.


Of the many needs of North American believers, silence and stillness are among the greatest. Silence is the page on which God writes his word.

Chip Ingram: Learning To Flourish in Ministry and Life

Jason Daye is joined by Chip Ingram, CEO and teaching pastor of Living on the Edge, to discuss what pastors and ministry leaders should do when they find themselves in a season where they're out of rhythm or feeling like they're burning out.

Chuck DeGroat: Hope and Healing for Spiritual Abuse

Licensed therapist and spiritual director Chuck DeGroat and host Jason Daye look at how narcissism in church leaders has been addressed in recent history, especially the past few years. Then, they explore how the local church can minister to survivors of emotional and spiritual abuse.

Jonathan Murphy: Salt and Light for a Skeptical World

FrontStage BackStage host Jason Daye is joined by Jonathan Murphy to discuss how we can live as salt and light in a world that is growing increasingly skeptical toward the Christian faith.

Scott Sauls: Facing Regret and Hurt in Ministry

In this week's conversation on FrontStage BackStage, host Jason Daye is joined by Scott Sauls, pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Together, Scott and Jason look at our tendency to emphasize the positive while minimizing the pain and suffering in our own lives and ministry.

Jay Fowler: Making the Most of Your Sabbatical

In the latest conversation on FrontStage BackStage, host Jason Daye is joined by PastorServe's Midwest Regional Director, Jay Fowler, to discuss how pastors and churches can get the most out of a sabbatical.

Why We Must Put an End to the Stigma of Mental Illness

Everyone is broken. It’s a fact of life that’s not only clear from the pages of the Bible but also from the practical reality of...

Nicole Martin: Ministry, Trauma & Healing

Jason Daye and the Reverend Dr. Nicole Martin explore some of the potential dangers and the positive benefits when it comes to examining trauma in our own lives. They also look at how we can help make our lives, our homes, and our churches places of healing.

Travis Dickinson: The Value of Doubt and Deconstruction in Ministry Leadership

In a world of deconstruction, how do we handle our doubts in a healthy way as ministry leaders? Dr. Travis Dickinson and Jason Daye discuss the value of our doubt.

Alan Fadling: The Keys to Grace-Paced Leadership

Alan Fadling and Jason Daye explore how we can reframe our contemporary understanding of ministry leadership and allow Jesus to guide us into what he modeled: grace-paced leadership.

Jessie Cruickshank: What the Western World Is Missing About Discipleship

Jessie Cruickshank joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share how brain science supports what the Bible reveals about how people are truly transformed—and what is lacking in the approach many church leaders take toward discipleship.