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Evangelicals and the Book of Common Prayer

The Book of Common Prayer - how can you get any more evangelical than that?

When Prayer and Corporate Worship Aren’t Working

I was sure I could make it all work if I just tried harder. And try harder I did—to the point that I was not only exhausted from ministry but exhausted from trying to become a better person.

Worship and the Christian’s True Identity

Decrying and denouncing the culture around us isn't enough. In order to preserve our Christian identity, we need to immerse ourselves in a counterculture. Thankfully, God offers us that counterculture every Sunday in corporate worship.

How to Evaluate Worship at Your Church

To evaluate worship -- from the inside -- is preventive and proactive in order to deter a more unfavorable action or attack from transpiring.

4 Ways We Carry the Presence of God

Has your worship grown stale? Maybe you are not worshiping in the presence of God. There are a lot of reasons that God's presence might be hard to find, but a worshiper cannot maintain religious integrity by allowing empty worship.

9 Reasons People Don’t Join in Worship Singing

Singing worship can be challenging. People around the world are sadly changing their church’s worship (often unintentionally) into a spectator event, as evidenced by the lack of singing worship from the congregation. Here's what's going on.

What the Psalter Should Teach Us about the Songs We Sing

Pastors need to be aware of the formidable tool that God has given us to teach his people—namely, the power of music and songs we sing.

How to Build on Your Creative Potential

Research indicates that everyone is born with creative potential. But to have creative ideas when you need them requires the ironic combination of humility and confidence.

Tracking the Trends in Worship

An increasing number of young adults who have grown up in evangelical churches being drawn toward trends in worship experiences that are more intimate, less polished and often more liturgical than the worship of their home churches.

Sacred Songwriting: the Two Halves of the Gospel Sentence

Worship songs must carry both halves of the gospel sentence. Evangelical movements have tended to stay away from the first half, and more Liberal streams from the second.

Why It’s Important For Worship Leaders To Get Along With the Senior Pastor

Relational divides between pastors and worship leaders are one of the main reasons for short-tenured senior pastor and worship leader partnerships. We can only wonder how this disunity is impacting the church as a whole.

Welcome to the End of Entertainment Worship

If God is really doing what he says he is, our gatherings can't just be entertainment worship. The answer to consistently having genuine, honest, real, authentic worship is in the worldview that we engender and the theological worldview that we espouse. God really is working all things for good.

What Every Worship Team Needs – EVERY Week

We don’t just need great music, broadway lighting, impressive talent and fresh brewed coffee. Sure. Every worship team needs Jesus more than anything.

8 Keys to Personal Prayer

These are words that should be used to describe our personal prayer time with the Lord. Prayer should not be dry or stuffy; it should be warm and intimate.

Why Rock Star Worship Leaders Are Getting Fired

I know of one rock star worship leader who makes about 100K a year by going to a weekly staff meeting and picking out six songs for the praise set. That’s it.

The Main Ingredient in Effective Prayer

"It’s tragic how easily we can miss the main ingredient in effective prayer."

10 Ways NOT to Be an Effective Worship Leader

Wondering how to be an effective worship leader? One thing you could do is stop saying these phrases. It could be that I'm just a crusty old curmudgeon ranting a little, so don’t take this too seriously...except maybe do.

C.S. Lewis on Why We Should Praise

You might think that the staid Oxford don would counsel against praise and worship, but actually he had quite a bit to say about why we should praise.

How to Avoid Church Tech Arts Burnout

Hi, I’m Anthony Coppedge, and I’m a recovering church tech arts burnout person. Not only have I personally experienced burn out, but I have been a leading contributor of burn out to church tech arts volunteers.

Is Worshiptainment the Problem, Or Is It Something Else?

What's the real issue behind *any* critique of worship styles?

Jessie Cruickshank: What the Western World Is Missing About Discipleship

Jessie Cruickshank joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to share how brain science supports what the Bible reveals about how people are truly transformed—and what is lacking in the approach many church leaders take toward discipleship.

Worship & Creative Leaders