A Wish is a Dream.

Angela D | Patient |

A wish is a dream your heart makes. My heart’s desire would be for the Dragon known as cancer to be slain. No more surgery. No more chemo. No more radiation. No more loss of self. No more isolation. A wish to be healthy and strong and to be unfamiliar with the terms infusion center, power port, pick line, ensure, muscle milk, cancer center, chemo names. Wishing for the good old days of eat drink and be merry. It is so not that now and so very sad to live this way.


  1. My mother’s wish is my own. It is my wish for her and all women affected by this monstrosity. She will never fight alone. As her daughter there is no one person nor one thing that would ever come above her. The support of family and friends mean everything to us, and our support system is like nothing I’ve ever witnessed before in my life. We are blessed to have found Dr. Growden as well as all of the angels we have encountered at Mass General.

    tara | | 7:17pm

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