This site is created by the Mass General Hospital Cancer Center, and by you. Unlike some of our other web resources, which give information and guidance from us about the Center, this site is intended to be a place where the community of people, both ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ the hospital, can come and read, write and think about the terms that connect to cancer.

This is one more aspect of our care for each other around the Cancer Center – creating an online space where we are all equally able to speak, and equally able to drive the direction of the conversation. Although these conversations are not definitive (we won’t be coming to a simple definition of our word of the month – that’s for us all to reflect on for ourselves), we hope being involved in this community online will spark thought that is itself still educational.

So “What we talk about (when we talk about cancer)” can only thrive with your involvement. Like our team approach in patient care around the Cancer Center, on this site you can be a part of a supportive, active and caring community.



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