“But who is going to see these family members…”

Liz B | Clinician |

“But who is going to see these family members, and who is going to do these colonoscopies?” – Dr.Babe Gaolebale

This week I saw a young man in his early 30’s who was diagnosed and treated with colon cancer.  He got surgery to remove the cancer, and afterward he got chemotherapy to kill any remaining cancer cells in his body. He finished the chemotherapy at the end of 2014.  When he came to see me Continue…

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This strength has brought me this far

Theresa M | Patient |

My strength comes from my faith and my family and friends. But there are moments, as I recently experienced while hospitalized, of visceral terror at the thought of my life ending. I am fortunate to have the family and friends that I have who help remind me that I am strong and that this strength has brought me this far.

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