“Care” and “Careful”

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Experiencing care is a very personal matter, which is why we all care so much about getting “good care”. At the Cancer Center, care is everything from the warm welcome at our front desks, to the latest cutting edge treatments and clinical trials, to all the supportive services offered through programs for patients and caregivers like Hopes, the Resource Room and Parenting at a Challenging Time.  Care can be the tender touch of a phlebotomist inserting an IV, or the chat with your nurse at your bedside, or the phone call from your oncologist during his kid’s school play.  In my view as hospital administrator, care is more than the sum of the parts and it’s our job to create an environment where the care magic can happen. That means going above and beyond the conventional standards to ensure that our providers, staff, facilities and programs are focused entirely on care and healing. Another aspect of care is being careful, which is our paramount concern given the complexity, toxicity, and expense of our treatments.  To this end, we have special systems of care in our Cancer Center, such as multi-disciplinary clinics, where all of the cancer providers rally together with the patient in the driver’s seat to create a care plan.    I like to say that people who work in a Cancer Center are hard-wired differently.  I like to think that’s because we care . . . a lot.


  1. Whenever anyone asks me about my cancer treatment, one of my first thoughts is about the intimate care at MGH. It is fantastic. Even though it is a big hospital, people remember my name, my story–and that really helps!

    Anne B. | | 11:06am

  2. The way the Mass General Yawkey building is set up is awesome. The different suites feel like a boutique style set up. The seating and views in the hallways awesome. Even the areas you wait for Mri’s is less intimidating than other hospitals thanks to the smaller more intimate set up. It helps to make things feel so much less intimidating. It helps to make everything feel more easily approachable. Which says a lot when people are not always facing easy news or treatment. Thank you MGH for making parking and access to your appointment so so easy. Thanks for staffing your offices with kind, down to earth, caring individuals. Your cancer center really is one of a kind. Thank you to all the smart caring people behind it.

    M | | 3:08pm

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