Taking Care to Heart

Don D | Physician |

Care is an interesting word- in some cases it is a verb, while in other scenarios it is a noun. I guess it speaks to the importance of this word, especially in medicine. Our objective is to provide care – a service aimed at improving the health of our patients. In order to do this, however, we must actually care – meaning, to take this duty to heart; to truly wish to fulfill our objectives.

Fortunately, I am working within an institution where that mission is laid bare by all who work here- from the parking attendants to the greeters to our medical assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, and my medical colleagues, the sense of a shared purpose delivered with compassion lies at the heart of the definition of “caring”.


  1. I have never met so many caring professionals. Hope you all know how much we appreciate your caring hearts.

    Laura | | 8:47pm

  2. Dear Laura,
    Thank you for taking time out to write. I think oncology is a highly self-selected profession; drawing on the best of physicians, clinicians, and others who wish to dedicate themselves not only to the treatment of cancer and the search for its cure, but who are able to do so without ever losing perspective- that every person seeking our help is a human being- not a statistic and not a disease. I find myself lucky to be among them here at MGH.
    Best to you, DD

    Don D | | 4:45pm

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