Caring for others, and for yourself

Megan C | Caregiver |

To me, care can equal stress, spark excitement and inspiration, engage compassion, wipe me out with fatigue, make me jump to action, and keep me coming back for more. I care about people’s well-being, comfort and engagement. I care about things being the best they can be.

I care about the past and the future, a person’s family, hopes and dreams and sorrows. I care about sadness, devastation and disappointments. I care about the good times and the successes, and that little seed of hope, quietly glowing with the fresh green of renewal. I care about how I make people feel, that I’m making a difference, and I care when I perceive things to be unjust, unfair or inefficient. Sometimes I wish I cared a little less because caring can be exhausting. I have to remember to care about myself in all this, and to replenish my bank with things that nourish both body and soul, so I can continue to care and be cared for, in this complex and dynamic environment of care.


  1. Megan I agree that caring can be exhausting! Even though most times it is so rewarding the constant caring does drain you in so many ways. I too forget to make sure I am caring for myself, I have to plan time to do things for me otherwise it doesn’t happen. Thanks for sharing your view on caring!

    Alyson | | 11:39am

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