Caring Takes Teamwork

Jennifer P | Patient |

When a person is diagnosed with cancer it is not just the patient who is diagnosed, instead it is the entire family.  When a person is diagnosed it takes an entire “team” to care for them.

The doctors and nurses are needed to take care of the medical aspects of the disease, people to care for household tasks such as laundry and making the meals, and help with the children (if there are any) and someone to make sure that the patient is cared for emotionally.  Care can be anything from cleaning the house to sending a card that says I’m thinking of you.  A smile and a kind word means everything to a cancer patient.  It is important to treat the patient like a person first and a patient second.

Care comes in all shapes and sizes and as patients we need to be open to the care that others offer us.


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Your post brings up the image of a stone tossed into water, and the concentric circles that form, expanding one after the other. It’s that ripple effect that is so important for us all to remember as professionals, individuals, friends and family members. Sometimes when people hear the word cancer, they freeze and don’t quite know how to respond. Your post points out some really do-able suggestions, both for those who want to give support, and for those who may need a gentle reminder to remain open to the various forms of care. Thanks for your thoughts!

    Meg | | 3:17pm

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