Change you can count on

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Change is it good or bad? Should it be embraced and welcomed or wished away? If change comes with bad news, like a change in your staging, can it still be in some way good? If protocols change, can it easily be embraced and counted on to be an improvement? If a doctor retires and you now have someone completely new, can change be a good thing? Will fresh eyes, or someone with new energy bring something new to the table? Or can change simply help remind you, you are still alive. Hopefully growing as a person and becoming stronger every day and embracing your place in the world around you. Or giving you the chance to learn the lessons we are all here to learn before our time is up. Change you can count on. Whether you like it or not. Change can be a good thing even in a bad situation. It’s not always easy to embrace but sure to help us grow. So next time I find myself worrying about a change, I will take a step back, take a deep breath, and remember change is bringing me to a new place. One of greater insight and hopefully closer to God.

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