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Chloe P | Patient |

I feel so blessed to have my family. To me, they are everything. When I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in 2010, I didn’t

know what to think. Yes, I was thirteen, and yes I thought I had the answer to everything, but at that moment I had no idea what to do. I was going to have brain surgery in two days. My family, and I mean everybody, parents; siblings; aunts; uncles; cousins; and close friends all came in to show me that would all be there, to support me in whatever happened next.

It was from that moment on that I knew exactly what to do. They motivated me to fight. No matter what happened, I wouldn’t give up, I owed them that. And thanks to my family’s unending love and support, I am sitting here, able to write this, today.


  1. Family is everything. I was diagnosed march 2013 started chemo and had my bladder removed in august.I am cancer free. I couldn’t have done it with out my family, they were beside me the whole way sometimes literally holding me up.

    nancy admirand | | 6:28pm

  2. Having family and friends has also helped me!!!! It’s such a blessing from God!!!! Not only for all the help and support he gives me but all who love and care about me and for me!!!!!

    Denise | | 11:39am

  3. That is such a heartwarming story . You are blessed to have such a wonderful family

    debbie | | 9:24am

  4. I’m so glad you are here to write this post! I was exactly the same as you. At first you’re just numb! I was diagnosed on Christmas day 2008 with 3 kinds of cancer all at the same time. They told me I had 3 weeks to live. I too had the support of my family, but I also knew I had a big God who was in control of my life. I started fighting with all I had in me. The 27th of this month, with 19 surgeries behind me, I’m still kicking!!! With the love and support from my family, knowing God was in control, I came through with it and I’m still here!!

    Nancy | | 11:27am

  5. God bless you. May you have a lifetime cancer free.

    diana | | 8:56pm

  6. Family is everything when dealing with cancer. I’m so happy that we are cancer free!

    DeeDee | | 10:11pm

  7. Praise God for all of his blessings! I am a recent
    breast cancer survivor ; also a basal cell carcinoma skin cancer.

    edyth boller | | 5:08pm

  8. Right on, Chloe. I’ve got a GBMO diagnosis (malignant brain tumor), had successful surgery 11/29/2012. 3 more months of chemo. No sign of recurrence. I plan to live a ling long time yet.
    I’m 39 with 2 young daughters and a wife I love fiercely. No idea what it’d have been like to go through this at 13. But my family is my reason for living. Glad to hear yours is too. Let me recommend two books: “How to Want What You Have”, by Timothy Miller, and “Eat Move Sleep” by Tom Rath.

    Gotta sleep now, take care and be well.

    Chris W

    Chris | | 10:56pm

  9. God bless you.And you are so right. Never never give up. I wish you a long and happy life…..

    jona capps | | 5:48pm

  10. Having a strong support system is tantamount to cancer patients. And, yes, family includes fellow cancer patients, chemo nurses, caretakers, and friends. A cancer diagnosis can also bring a loss of independence during treatment. I am in my 19th year since diagnosis and initial treatments of chemotherapy and radiation.

    Diane Mouton | | 2:46am

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