An unhealthy lack of fear?

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A lot of people say that fear is good…that it can help protect us. But I’ve always been told that I have an unhealthy impassiveness towards fear. There’s nothing…

I won’t try. Skydiving, swimming with sharks, bungee-jumping…you name it, and I’ve done it. A shark might bite my foot off? So what? I’ll deal with it if it happens. Nothing worries me.

Life is always going to throw stuff at me that is not part of my bigger life plan—the ability to deal with whatever it is will dictate my happiness and the outcome of any situation.

Just recently I was having a conversation with a friend about his lack of desire to try skydiving. Despite my efforts at convincing him to go, he adamantly refused. He asked, “Aren’t you afraid that something will happen with the parachute and you’ll get hurt or die?” Heck no! Fear of anything, in my eyes, is always irrational.

My grandfather had colon cancer. My grandmother had breast cancer. My mom had skin cancer. My uncle had lung cancer. I’m not naïve enough to think that I, myself, won’t be affected by cancer someday. But I refuse to spend my time or energy fearing something that “could” happen. That psychological stress is just as affecting to the body as physical stress. And I have a life to get out and live.


  1. One of my close family members just recently was diagnosed with Cancer. My first reaction was that of a horrible feeling in my gut, which I know is fear. I too, have a way of accepting things that I cannot change, and begin to fight the battle, with positive thinking and faith.
    I am trying so hard to convince this family member to do the same, but everyone does not possess that wonderful spirit of moving ahead, and fighting the good fight.
    May GOD, or the higher power continue to bless you with this kind of fighting spirit.

    Kathy | | 7:11am

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