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Fear is stated to be, a feeling of harm coming,

to be afraid of, but fear of itself at times,
could be overrated….

We at times fear things that shouldn’t be thought of
as a feeling of harm.
You being afraid of not being able
to purchase that beautiful dress, pantsuit
or piece of jewelry you always wanted,
doesn’t warrant a sense of fear.

There will be times where we will
encounter many meaningful fears
during our lifetime,
where we will endure anxieties,
worrisome, hopelessness,
and possible worthlessness,
questioning over and over, why me?
What did I do so bad
to have this placed upon me?

Good and happiness
can’t be at it’s full potential,
if we’re afraid and fearing the worse
at every given moment of our lives;
In this world, many mishaps, danger,
illnesses will be thrown at us,
how you receive it,
will determine how you defeat it.

For a moment you become a victim
to the ways of life,
Where you taste many tears,
but that can change in an instant,
by changing your way of thinking.
Do I stay a victim,
or choose to become a victor.
Take that danger, that illness,
and fear of the present,
to a place of comfort,

Awake in the mist of destruction,
meditate, pray, smile,
and be grateful for a moment of peace,
A moment that could take you to
many wonders of the world,
As well as the moments of your life
that was spare, over and over,
through fears, as well as
many circumstances;

Through all your fears,
you must choose to live,
and take life situations
that scares you the most,
and hand them over to the most high,
You must stand strong in faith.
Appreciate what, as well as the time
you have right now,
before time make you look back
at what you had.

Even the strongest among us
gets weary at times,
But in order to go forward,
your desire to live,
should outweigh your
fears and failures.

When times get hard,
our fear kicks in,
we stir towards anger and disbelief,
but I truly believe,
If you stay in faith,
everything that was stolen
or taken from you, will be restored,
We must try and choose faith over fear!

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