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The definition of fear is distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined;…

the feeling of being afraid. Being fearless is the opposite of living in fear. However, I don’t think being fearless means that you aren’t afraid of anything. To be fearless is a hard thing. It doesn’t matter if you are physically or emotionally strong. You have to be able to think your way out of being scared. Only certain people are lucky enough to achieve it. When you are fearless, you are so scared that you don’t what else to do then let go. Being fearless is being brave.


  1. I always feared being diagnosed with breast cancer after watching my Mother and several family members die from breast cancer that metastasized to their bones. I had been letting fear hold me back in my life in other ways. When one of my worst fears was realized and I was diagnosed that fear taught me in a short period of time I could survive, in spite of one of my worst fears come true. I was still living breathing enjoying my children and doing what I needed to do. I understand better now and it gave more faith in myself to be able to push through fear and come out on the other side. A chance to be in a better place. Not letting fear hold me back and making no decision be my decision. Then having no positive change because of my indecision. Fear now means to me a tool to grow.

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