Gift, or the furthest thing from it?

Megan C | Caregiver |

I’ve heard the phrase “Cancer is a gift” and it stirs up strong emotions in me. Personally, I think that phrase is a stretch, as I typically think of a gift as something that is enjoyable and positive, rather than terrifying and painful.

As I try to understand a variety of people’s view points and coping mechanisms surrounding the cancer journey, I can appreciate that for the glass half full people, cancer may provide the gift of space for reflection, connection, and an opportunity for a renewed investment in spirituality. Cancer may also provide the gift of a push to make a long awaited career change, change of life style, or facilitate an opportunity for reparation. No matter the lens through which I view cancer, I will keep my thoughts on whether it is a gift or not to myself, and strive to support the journey of those personally impacted by cancer – gift or farthest thing from it.


  1. Some days it’s a gift and other days it certainly is not. It certainly is a constant reminder of the importance of living all the life lesson cliches you’ve been told: “Enjoy life” “Live esch moment” etc. It’s just so hard sometimes, especially when everyone seems to always be planning for the future. You know, some gifts you just don’t know why the hell you were given–maybe some day we’ll understand.

    Kathy | | 8:07am

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