Happiness regardless of the cancer

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Happiness as it relates to cancer is a good report at your doctor’s appointment. It’s no further testing needed. It’s a conclusive ‘all is okay’ answer about a suspicious area. It’s a break from all the doctor appointments. It’s a chance to get out of patient mode and just be in living mode. A chance to recharge so you can face whatever is ahead. A chance for normalcy and to enjoy all that means. Maybe it’s a chance to try a new treatment. Time with those that mean the most to you. A gift of being able to share the big days in your kids’ lives. A day without pain or at least a day with pain you can manage. Happiness regardless of the cancer in any and all forms. A sunny day, birds chirping outside your window, being at the beach listening to the calming sounds of the ocean. It’s sharing your life with the people truly meant to be there. It’s faith that everything really will be okay.

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