Luck or Control?

Nick P | Family Member |

Perhaps like many people, worrying about my health is something I do quite a lot. Also like many others, my worry isn’t enough…

 to force me to always make the best choices for my health. Perhaps this is because I have not been directly affected by cancer myself, but, having had close personal connections to people who have been, and working in and around the Cancer Center itself, I should be more aware of the benefits of staying healthy.

I’m not really sure why I can’t seem to make the real connection between day-to-day healthy living, and reducing my risks for serious health issues in the future. It’s the scale of these two things that makes them hard to relate – one a series of tiny decisions made over years, and the other a life-changing moment of diagnosis. I also have the sense that the other factors that may cause a person to contract cancer are beyond my control. Things like my genetic make-up are decided for me, and I’m left with the feeling that my decisions to eat well, or to exercise regularly, are insignificant (despite the evidence to the contrary). How can we shake the feeling that long-term health is a issue of luck, and not control?

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