I keep going because I focus on today

Pauline K | Patient |

I have Cowden’s disease. I have been treated for breast, colon, skin cancer, and non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. My first diagnosis of cancer was in 1997. I will be celebrating my 65th birthday in August. I often wonder how I keep the strength to keep going. I work full time and help care for my grand child.
When I was diagnosed with NHL last fall I realized I keep going because I focus on today and not my diagnosis.  Many people have said to me I am amazing as I keep on my daily routine even when I have to deal with another diagnosis. I am not amazing! I just focus on today and not my diagnosis. There is too much life we all miss because we are all trying to get to the next…whatever. I am far from being called a cancer survivor as I have had many trips to life altering ‘glitches’ in my life. I am a cancer fighter. I will not let cancer ruin my day!

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