I wish there would be more honesty and candor

Theresa M | Patient |

Wish is a difficult topic for me! I wish I never got cancer!!! If we contain “wish” to just the parameter of When We Talk About Cancer then it is a little more manageable. In my own life when my healthcare team, family, or friends talk about my cancer, I wish there would be more honesty and candor. My healthcare team gives me mixed messages. I am told by one person that I have, in comparison to other patients, a smaller amount of disease; and yet with my main provider, I am full steam ahead in terms of prescribed next treatment, next treatment, next treatment and they all come with crummy side effects. With family and friends, though they are so well meaning, I wish they would not tell me “how great you look” or “you’d never know you were sick” as I feel sick 85% of the time! And sometimes 100%.


  1. I am with you and feel sick 99% of the time. Wish I felt better. Wish I looked better. Maybe if I did it would lift my spirits which are so low after thirty months of this monster.

    Angela dilger | | 7:49pm

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