I would never consider cancer to be a gift.

Angela D | Patient |

I would never consider cancer to be a gift.  It is not a gift but a scourge.  That being said, the response to my diagnosis has been eye opening.  Never had I known that my life had touched so many.  Never could I have known what I have meant to so many people.  Perhaps this knowledge might be considered a gift.  My life would have gone on taking all for granted.  Now things are different.  I am greeted by one and all with well wishes and prayers and kind thoughts and actions.  They smile when they see me, but in their eyes is a deep abiding sadness.  My prognosis is not good and I will be missed when I am gone. I have turned into somewhat of a legend and not at all human but an angel who is now a cancer fighting machine.  Everyone reminds me of some act of kindness which I had directed toward them at one time or another.  I had forgotten so much but am now reminded.  So the gift may very well be that I have been a good friend and that I have made a difference to many.  A better gift would be a long life that would continue to help and support all that I could.


  1. you are loved far beyond what you can even imagine, angela…you are in my prayers along w/people you dont even know, every single day….

    grace | | 7:05pm

  2. You’re right, it’s not a gift. I don’t have the words to explain what it means to me but none are good. You are a gift, Angela, not the disease or cancer but you and you would be regardless. I just happened to meet you because of this. I desperately wish we could have met under different circumstances. That I would have been a guest at one of your many parties you used to host and we could have danced the night away. You my love are my friend, I love you to death, we can talk about anything and everything. To me you will always be Angela, not ovarian cancer, not some sneaky thief who steals away everything, who sits back and pounces like some type of beast. I also have faith in you and your strength. You can conquer this, it’s far from being over. I love you my feisty friend.

    Lori | | 7:56pm

  3. I agree. The cancer alone was not a gift for me. The gift for me was the lessons learned. I learned to appreciate life like I never could before.. I became humbled when I learned how to finally say “help me” instead of always being the one to say “what can I do to help”. I have learned how to smell the roses and I look at my family, kids and grandson with a new appreciation everyday for how blessed I am. You go girl! You are loved way beyond what you will ever know. You have encouraged me and made me smile even on the worst of days and for this.. I say Thank You!

    Nancy | | 1:38am

  4. ANGELA D. I appreciate reading your thoughts. I don’t know what it’s like to be at your stage of things My thoughts prayers and healing wishes are with you. I’m glad you are having an opportunity for people to remind you of all that you meant to them. Certainly.
    a gift to them and you. I just wish it didn’t take a bad diagnosis for all of us to share what we should every day. Wishing you peace and lots of love surrounding you on your journey.Take Care. M

    M | | 2:12pm

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