I’d change their hearts and minds

Theresa M | Patient |

I would change, if I could, my relationships with my daughters. They aren’t part of my life now and I am not sure what changes I have to make, if any, to bring them back. They are 33 and 25 years old and have dealt with their parents divorcing (and not in a friendly way!), moving, and my illness; which to them is something that I need to ‘get over since it has been four years.’ That is what I’d change if I could. I’d change their hearts and minds. But I’m not that powerful!


  1. It sounds like your daughters attitude is a lot like my sisters. When I was in the middle of just getting diagnosed and treatment she told me I was letting the cancer consume me. Your daughters have no idea what you’ve been through. It’s like they are telling you, you don’t have a right to your feelings. Well I would like to say to you you do. There is no set schedule for dealing with cancer and the feelings and emotions it stirs up. Why do people not get the fact you would get unstuck a whole lot faster if you didn’t have to defend how you feel. Especially to the people closest to you. You need to process and find your way through it. A lack of support during a challenging time and validation you have a right to your feelings can make you get stuck. Just know keep doing what you need to do to process. You will get to a better place Im sure of it. I know for myself this experience made me take back my power that I had given away. It reminded me of the strong person I really am. Your still here, every day is a chance for a new beginning. Please know I will keep you in my prayers. I hope your daughters come around. Just know since we all have our lessons to learn maybe part of this is meant for them to learn their lessons. I would guess someday this experience will be part of what changes their hearts and minds. Our pain today is our strength tomorrow. Here’s to your strength and happiness. Take Care M

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