In God we trust

Angela D | Patient |

As there is no cure for cancer, so much has to be left to trust.  Trust in our doctors who recommend treatment.  Trust in the treatment which may or may not work.  Trust in God to help us.  Trust in ourselves to make the right decisions along with our doctors.  So how is this accomplished?  Blind faith mostly.  I am not a physician so how can I decide?  Every patient is different so no one knows if a treatment will work.  We trust and hope and pray that it will.  When it doesn’t, our hopes are dashed yet again.  We have to wrap ourselves around this new disappointment and begin again with our attempts to trust something new.  How many times can we rise to the occasion?  As many times as we have to and as long as our body holds out.  This seems like an impossible task and yet we must.  In God we trust.  I would like to trust that angels surround me and are carrying me through this most difficult time.  Why me?  I do not know.  The experience leaves you in a surreal state at best.  What I do know is that trust in our doctors goes a long way to a halfway peace of mind.  The other half, I leave to God.


  1. Trust walks side-by-side with Hope. I try to give my trust (after doing my own research) as easily as I possibly can until there’s a reason not to trust someone. One of the most powerful feelings you can have is trust in yourself – the trust that you will be able to handle what lies ahead…
    My ability to trust my doctors was extremely important in facing a rare cancer diagnosis. It also didn’t hurt that they treated me with such respect and were willing to make jokes about my situation with me. Humor helps me trust and connects me to people in times of struggle. Strangely enough, I miss that “intimacy” now that I’m cancer-free! I love you MGH!!

    Nikki Shepherd | | 10:21am

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