Our Conversation on “Strength”

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Our conversation on the word “strength” will continue, but we wanted to look back at some of the comments and perspectives that have come in so far.

Many contributors found that strength was in the act of facing each new day. “I realized I keep going because I focus on today and not my diagnosis…Many people have said to me I am amazing as I keep on my daily routine…I will not let cancer ruin my day!” wrote Pauline K. Kathleen H. similarly remarked: “You’ll do what you have to do. In the morning, swing your legs over the side of the bed, pull on your walking shorts and your socks, tie up those sneakers, and go for a walk in the fresh air.” And, Anne B. found no other choice but to be strong, writing “I thought, “What do you expect me to do? Sit back and let the cancer take over? Leave my kids here while I head off to another world without them? Leave my husband to raise them?”

Physician Don D. asserted, “I will often say, I know of no other person as strong as the one with cancer. The same applies to my colleagues and all who work at the MGH Cancer Center. There is strength in numbers, I feel it every day.” Theresa M agreed, posting, “My strength comes from my faith and my family and friends.”

Don’s post had many comments speaking of the doctors and communities surrounding cancer patients, including one from Tara S. commenting on a family member, “At her weakest moments she doesn’t realize her own strength.” but “she is an inspiration to many.”

Angela D. asked where more strength would appear from, “I have none left in reserve. Who do I see about that? God?” and in his poem on strength, William K. questioned whether strength is always positive:


Do all agree that strength is good?
Or that lack of strength might be bad?
Cannot my weakness be a good?
Is there weakness in acceptance?
Is there peace in my acceptance?


strengthcodawordcloudAs usual, we’ve also created a word cloud for this discussion, which allows us to see what the most common words from all the conversation about wish have been. Bigger words on the word cloud have been used most often, and smaller ones less often. (We filtered out the keywords “cancer” and “strength” from the cloud, since they were used so many times).


Please add your comments below about what you think this word cloud shows us that wish can mean.

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