Poem: Change

William K | Patient |

A poem by William Kenly, author of “The Dogs of Cancer”
We resist it,
We deny it.
We guard ourselves,
In fear of it.
Like the wolf and the terrorist.
And yet it is the only thing we can be sure of,
As we are about the sun rising  in the morning,
It is in our past and our present and the moment.
But the lack of variation in change brings comfort,
As I learned to not rely on what I am used to.

I think back to other words, like to “hope” and to “strength”,
Those eggshell foundation rocks that have reassured us,
But not satisfied introspection, ye vile vain words.
So we are left clinging to words that have no strength and
Fearing other words that in fact can bring inner peace.

Cancer changes you and others around on all sides,
Some get closer and others withdraw from your circle,
You deal with it every day and breath by breath learn it,
It teaches you patience and understanding and life,
While it saps your energy to fight, ending in peace.

So welcome change,
And embrace it,
It will change you,
Enjoy the peace,
And understand.

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