Poem: Strength

William K | Patient |

A poem by William Kenly, author of “The Dogs of Cancer”

Strange word,
Big muscles,
Hard head,
Happy spirit,
Different after cancer than before.

Ability to proceed,
Ability to sustain,
Ability by oneself,
Ability to adapt,
Different levels of understanding.

Is the current strong?
Is the rock there strong?
Is either better,
For me to echo?
What is my purpose?

Do all agree that strength is good?
Or that lack of strength might be bad?
Cannot my weakness be a good?
Is there weakness in acceptance?
Is there peace in my acceptance?

So, what attitude to adopt?
Worry about how others judge?
For relationship with cancer,
For relationship with my death?
And do I judge myself for it?

To understand this more deeply,
I need to fathom other words.
Like peace, purpose and acceptance.
I need to choose my own purpose,
My solitary path to walk.

All these words to me seem hollow.
When first on my eyes they alight,
They seem so good like a beacon,
They seem to resonate with light,
When truly they lead to more words.

If peace can be a strength for me,
Then I will accept strength only
Because my real beacon is peace,
Peace around me to allow me
To struggle just for the right word.

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