Supporting is receiving

Daisuke F | Clinician |

Giving support not necessarily mean giving something or doing something for somebody. Oppositely, we often feel ‘supported’ rather than ‘supporting’, when

we are doing something for somebody. Because it helps us increase our sense of self-esteem and helps us feel worthy of living.

This is something that we very easily forget, especially when we are sick or in hardship, when we are in most need of help from others.

There are some cultures where people are more likely to think that way. I came from an Asian culture, where people have strong tendency to consider that receiving help is a shame, in the fear of being a ‘burden’ to others. So when I first came from Japan to the States and needed lots of help from other people, I kind of struggled to be open to other people’s kindness. And still, I need some ‘courage’ to ask someone for help. So when in need of help, I always speak to myself as a mantra, “Receiving is supporting”.

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