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By: Jennifer Parker

They say that cancer kills,
That it can even steal your soul
They say that cancer kills…
And makes you WANT to die
They say that cancer kills
All  around you stare at you and cry
They told me it was advanced-
BUT if I wanted to fight, they would show me how.
They pumped me full of medicine
It made me lose my hair
My parents are heart-broken
They’ve been through this before
My husband says I’m beautiful
And holds me through the pain.
My daughter doesn’t recognize me
She looks at me with fear
My son may never know me
Oh how I love them so.
I chose to fight for them.
They say that cancer kills
I struggled, I was sick, some days I could hardly move
I am living, breathing proof
That sometimes cancer
Doesn’t kill.


  1. Dear Jennifer, I have to admit that at first I was taken aback by the raw honesty of your poem. With reflection, I can only admire your strength and courage in sharing it with us. It reminds me of a quote (from Jane Eyre I think)
    “Your strength is more powerful than beauty”. Though I’m sure your husband is right, and you are beautiful too!

    Liz | | 4:40am

  2. Liz I sat down to write this poem and it just sort of wrote it self. I am a nine year Sarcoma survivor and when I was diagnosed my daughter was six and my son was 5 months old. Thanks for your feed back.

    Jennifer P | | 6:09pm

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