Seven Years of Survival

Kathleen H | Patient |

When I finished treatment, I didn’t talk with other survivors. I didn’t come back in for any groups that were offered because all I wanted to do was get into the car and drive the hour home. But, everyone around me…

, had their own ideas of when it was all in my past. And although they were full of love and support, their worries were at an end, at a time when I wasn’t quite sure where I was emotionally or physically. I had other surveillance scans booked, bloodwork, visits…

I felt that I had to live up to certain expectations and I still do, seven years out. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like life and seeing my children doing the things I feared I would not be a part of. Gratitude and amen are two words I use every day. I am more resilient than I ever was. I did survive.


  1. Hi I just wanted to share my experience having had cancer and survived it , I was unfortunate like many many others to get cancer that wasn’t to bad to deal with it was more the treatment and how it leaves you and 9 years on im still just plodding on day to day not really enjoying my life , it’s was in 2005 I got oral cancer , went threw surgery cemo and radiotherapy that was a big task and big wakeup in my life , got over all that , but then…. I was told that the damage from radiotherapy had sent my bottom jaw black and had to undergo another major surgery far worse than the cancer in my eyes , to find this after just getting threw cancer was such an ordeal so I had the 11 and a half hour operation and survived it , so I am a survive and proud of it , I do sometimes wonder with all this suffering if life can offer me anything anymore, now 11 years since the cancer I have narcotic bone in my ear from radio damage , and im waiting now to see a skull based surgeon in a big city too see if there’s a way to take this out , so in a sense im still suffering but I’m a survive thanks for reading this short passage about me thankyou

    Jane Hull | | 6:31pm

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