There is so much that I can never repay

Angela D | Patient |

So much help is required following a cancer diagnosis.  The help of our doctors, our nurses, our families, our friends.  So often the fight goes on and on.  People have their own lives.  It is difficult to always “be there” for a loved one.  But I found, that angels walk the earth and I am privy to quite a few.  My doctor is an angel in a white coat.  His nurse is forever there.  My husband who works tirelessly seeing to my needs.  My sister, daughters, and niece who nursed me through two surgeries, countless chemo treatments. My son-in-law and brother-in-law who made many a Boston run on my behalf (we live in New Jersey). None of this easy and perhaps things are even harder to watch.  My friends who maintain a constant cheering section.  My friends who appear with food and flowers and cards and tokens of their love.  My friend who happens to be a nurse, on constant private duty whenever I call.  There is so much that I can never repay.  Their help and devotion is seeing me through this living hell called cancer.

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