Trust in your doctor is key

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Trust: I can’t think of anything more important in any relationship. In relation to cancer or any health issues trust in your doctor is key. When you suddenly have to deal with a whole range of specialists all new to you, how do you build that trust? I look for a doctor who does what they say they will do. If they say they will call or send me something, I trust that will happen. If they advise me to do a certain thing, I trust that is what I need to do to have the best outcome. What do you do when the little promises don’t happen? How many times do you let that happen before trust is broken and it’s time to move on? What I am discovering is I’m in a good place and I want to stay here. I so appreciate the great care I have been given along the way that helped me be where I am. I guess I look for signs with the doctors I have now that reconfirm I have put my trust in the right place. I have experienced good relationships and not so good relationships. I trust in myself now to know the difference. I trust in myself now to know if it simply isn’t the right fit. I also trust that the relationships I am developing today with the cancer team will make things in some way easier if my status changes. I trust the advice I am being given and know I am extremely lucky to have access to great doctors and great care.

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