Wishes turn out to be a reflection of the person

Wendy K | Patient |

One word that inspires hope in most of us is the word WISH.  Whether it is used as noun or a verb, this double-duty word depicts a desire to attain something that seems unattainable at that space and time.  Wishes evolve as we walk the journey through life.  They are a culmination of who we are, how we live and how we aspire to be. 


Wishes turn out to be a reflection of the person.  To engage another in a meaningful conversation on this topic is to open up part of the soul.  As children our wishes start out as very magical and full of wonderment as we engage in learning who we are and what life means.  Events throughout our lives can change these in sometimes significant ways without a timetable as to when this happens.  They are birthed from the need to overcome apparent struggles and also to give hope to others.


No matter if the wish is aspired to or granted the common bond is that effort needs to be put forth in order for it to be fulfilled.  Sometimes these are attained completely or they are morphed into another outcome.  Either way they are goals for improvement or perception there of.  As a society we strive to use these for the greater good but can result in quite the opposite  just as the rule cause and effect dictates.


Where would we be without wishes?  As we endure difficult or life threatening situations our wishes are really goals set forth to improve.  Perceived outcomes to keep us going when we are not walking in the brightest light. We must recognize that we are the driving force that puts forth the effort to attain the wishes for others and ourselves. We must engage inner strength to reach a satisfying end and move on to yet another star in the sky to gaze on for inner peace.


Keep on wishing and striving to make dreams come true.  Dreams do not come true without a valiant effort but collectively little by little we will all be able to endure the struggles that plague us.


  1. Inch by inch.

    Angela Dilger | | 5:15pm

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