All of us who are involved directly or indirectly with cancer care about the disease, but do we all mean the same thing when we say so? Does caring need us to have a deep emotional connection, or to keep some distance from caring so much that we might not be able to effectively treat the disease and cope with its effects? Care can mean both treatment and support – where do these two meaning meet?

Ongoing “Care” Conversation

Editor |

So far we’ve had a fascinating discussion this month on all the ways we think about “care”. Before we introduce our next topic word (which will be “survivor”), it seemed valuable to write a summary post about what came out of the ongoing conversation, and the ways we see “care” in some ways differently, and in other ways very similarly. Here are just a few memorable themes: Continue…

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A Story of Care

Ted G | Patient |

The winter of 2008-2009 was a terrible, cold, snowy winter and I was helplessly ill. We were scraping each day into the best series of livable moments that we could, and that was all we could do.


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Care, Then and Now

Anne B | Patient |

Before that cold March day two years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer, the word care was easy to define. I was a young mom with two kids and a great husband, a full time job, friends, family—and very full days. Care meant getting dinner on the table, spending as much time with the kids as possible, and resting when I could. After my diagnosis, the definition took on many different meanings, it became layered in a ways that I could not have imagined.


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Taking Care to Heart

Don D | Physician |

Care is an interesting word- in some cases it is a verb, while in other scenarios it is a noun. I guess it speaks to the importance of this word, especially in medicine. Our objective is to provide care – a service aimed at improving the health of our patients. In order to do this, however, we must actually care – meaning, to take this duty to heart; to truly wish to fulfill our objectives.


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“Care” and “Careful”

Mara B | Administrator |

Experiencing care is a very personal matter, which is why we all care so much about getting “good care”. At the Cancer Center, care is everything from the warm welcome at our front desks, to the latest cutting edge treatments and clinical trials, to all the supportive services offered through programs for patients and caregivers like Hopes, the Resource Room and Parenting at a Challenging Time.  Continue…

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