For patients and for family members, facing a cancer diagnosis or course of treatment is an incredibly stressful experience. Some people confronted with cancer suggest that it can give them a new sense of awareness of the things they appreciate in their lives though, and some even suggest that each of these things can feel like “gift”. Thinking more about this word, is it possible to appreciate the major or the everyday things in life as Gifts, even when dealing with cancer? Does the seriousness of a cancer experience dwarf the idea of seeing things in this way, for patients, family members, or care-givers?

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Silver Linings of Cancer

Patient |

When I hear the word gift I think of the silver linings of cancer. The kind doctors, nurses, technicians and fellow cancer patients I have met along the way. The fact that in Boston we have Continue…

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An Awakening

Karen R | Patient |

When I was diagnosed with Breast cancer a few years back, I reacted like most who receive a cancer diagnosis; first thing came to mind was a “death sentence.” However, I found out later that it was truly “an awakening.” Continue…

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