‘Are you happy?’ is a simple question that is nearly impossible to answer. Happiness is entirely subjective; to some it can be as over-arching as contentment or something as temporary as euphoria. What it means to be happy can change over time, adjusting for circumstance and life.
Is happiness a goal? A state of being that can be worked toward every day? Or, is happiness only fleeting – defined by small moments? Is it a state of mind, to be preserved and protected?

Is there opportunity to find moments of happiness (large and small, defined by each individual) even while living with cancer?

This month we’ll be discussing this happiness, and all these different ways it can be understood. There will be new perspectives posted every week, so please check back often. Please join our conversation, with a comment on any perspective, or by suggesting other words we can discuss in the future, by clicking the “participate” button below.

A cure would make me happy

Angela D | Patient |

Cancer has taken my happiness away and replaced it with pain and sorrow. I have never been a fighter and now I am in the fight of my life. It makes me sad that all my efforts go toward a war within my body. It makes me sad that I am not who I was, nor will I ever be. It makes me sad that my hair has never grown back. It makes me sad that I am 80 pounds soaking wet. It makes me sad to get treatments that are really just a ‘try and see.’  A cure would make me happy. To be healthy again would make me happy. I took my good health for granted. Nobody should. It is a gift and once it is gone….well, tell me about being happy then.

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