When you hear the word Support used in relation to cancer care, do you think of something that is completely positive and helpful? Can it ever feel difficult to accept help from others? If you are a patient, do you feel comfortable asking for support, whether from close family, clinical caregivers, or acquaintances? Does Support suggest the small ways patients can be assisted day to day, or more major things that make a difference in a patient’s overall care? Does the word mean the kinds of help that only a family member or close friend can give a patient, or can it also include help from staff and clinicians around the Cancer Center? Can even the smallest gestures of help, from strangers to us, really be considered support?

This month we’ll be discussing this word, and all these different ways it can be understood. There will be new perspectives posted every few days, so please check back often. Please join our conversation, with a comment on any perspective, or by suggesting other word we can discuss in the future, by clicking the participate button on the right.